My dream house

تابلوی عکسهای رندر (عکسهای سه بعدی)

تابلوی نماهای خارجی ساختمان از 4 جهت همراه با اندازه­ ها

لیست دیوار پوشها

پلان جانمایی مبلمان با اندازه گذاری

برش از ابعاد فنی بخش­ ها

استدیو معماری ارچین(مریم امینیان) امینیان



This proposal is an authentic design of rasional and functional minimalism architecture . the planing was arranging some spaces on two level (ground floor and basement and architect wanted to basicaly seprate the private spaces and common one .We plan two entrance for parking and pedestrain singly . according to the employer request we desided to manage all spaces on defferent level of each floor for varriation

In this design form following function it means that every element has its own functionality. Eventhough forward this motto : less is more regardless of this motto we plan basic form whitout any complex element.

According to the climate designing placing all the windows around the building circulating air more and more that caused more human confort for the user…


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